My name is Greg but I like to refer to myself as “Mako”, it is a self proclaimed nickname born from my deep adoration of the swift shark. I was obese, over-anxious, on the way to divorce and approaching 50.

This is my story on how I turned it all around and started to live the best I have ever lived. All in the 2nd half of life. But it did not start out that way.

Why? Because I was…

  • overweight (I was actually considered obese).
  • fighting severe anxiety.
  • a butt sitter – almost the whole day.
  • a relationship wrecker.

I really wanted the next 50 years to be better. A lot better!  I already lived almost 50 years in bad health.  Even worse, in adulthood I squandered my potential, wasted precious time, and hid my talents.

This left me holding emotional baggage, hiding unresolved issues, and a shell of a man with more protective walls built up, that if real, could enclose even the largest of prisons.

Mako Wellness My Before Photos

There I am, a poster child for not living well. I thought I was doing OK, I felt like my life was on cruise control, rolling down the highway of contentment. And then the “reality” fairy flew in, sprinkled reality dust over my brain and then it clicked.

The light switch of self realization flicked on. And I realized I was fat, addicted to laziness, underachieving, and over anxious. What I thought was normal was abnormal. I just had come to accept it as such.

I thought I was good enough, and satisfied with life. But I was wrong, I was simply filling myself with “self-enabling” negative talk to convince myself I was normal.

So there I was with a choice to make, either grow up and move on from that unhealthy shell of a man or face living a mediocre life of; wasted potential, declining health, and alone.

But what the heck was stopping me from changing? Find out here…

So I made a decision to not only make a quick change, but to overhaul my entire life and commit to a new lifestyle. One of total wellness. Thus started my journey in finding the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. And I want to share it with you.

So Why Should I Continue to Read, How can you Help Me?

Well if you are over 45, then chances are you are suffering the same things I did…

  • You are probably overweight or obese. Almost 3 in 4 men are in this classification. 74% so there is a good chance you are.
  • Someday you may have a mental illness at some point. 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness every year.
  • There is 25 to 35 percent chance that you live a sedentary lifestyle. That number is actually rising in those over 45 years of age.
  • Nearly half of us will be divorced. And the rate climbs in subsequent marriages.
  • Brain function starts to declining as early as 45
  • Testosterone lowers, blood pressure and cholesterol goes up, and you probably snore.
  • And the list goes on and on.

I had all of these issues going on with me. Every single one and maybe even a few more. Well undoubtedly more. I have been there and as the saying goes “done that”. So while I cannot help you, because only you can help yourself. I can show you how I overcame these issues, help you with your process, and even coach you through some of the changes it takes to live a life of wellness.

Helping others to develop the connection between the body-mind-spirit that resides in each of us. Learn more about MAKO WELLNESS…

So what is next step, where do I go from here? Do you want to BE MAKO FIT? Are you FAT, depressed, sedentary, unfulfilled, or just tired of being unhealthy? I was all of these, and I changed. Now I can help you change too.

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