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The Spirit - What is wellness


Enduring Life Well is the greatest thing that comes from being able to Live Mako Fit…


Deep in the innermost regions of yourself, your spirit, you should have peace. There should be an over-reaching faith that guides you in your life. And a purpose to your work.

Helping you be secure in the moment, knowing that your actions today can predict future results. You are rooted in this solid purpose in life and moving ever forward.




Now is your time to shine, find your purpose in life and act on it. Learn great ways to help move your purpose along. Become an entrepreneur of yourself.

Find the motivation, fuel your desire, and set goals to help you succeed. Then dedicate yourself constantly to staying on track till you achieve your goals.




You don’t have to be religious to have faith. The best definition of Faith is “an unending hope for things we cannot see”. When setting goals, working towards purpose, and finding inner peace, faith is the key.

You will be working towards something you just cannot see yet, but you will achieve if you have faith, and know it will come to pass.




Just as the sun rises in the morning and breaks the darkness so is there light inside you that wants to shine forth. That light, when shining, is love, and it can radiate out to illuminate the world.

Find it, let it shine all around, be grateful, serve others, and count your blessings. Then you will have inner peace.


Living Mako Fit means you are emotionally and mentally fit.



Learn to Live Mako Fit. Its fairly easy and includes only a few things?


Be Well: Make your body a powerful machine that can do amazing things.


Think Well:  learn all that you can, improve your memory and focus.


Act Well:  find your purpose in life and move towards it with faith always helping others.


Live Well: smile, be positive, and take time to enjoy life in the moments you can.


and avoid these eight things


What are other ways you can Live Mako Fit? Well lets talk about how…